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After being blessed with 3 Grandchildren I realized that there is a need for car seat accessories and other accessories for babies and children. I have made baby burp pads, neck pillows, belly and shoulder strap pads, infant baby cozy cover ups, and children's 
replacement car seat covers. I am also making items that can have names or other things embroidered on them for instance burp pads, the cover ups for infant car seats. Sometimes the Grandkids even help by pushing the sewing machine pedal. If there is something you are looking for please contact me and I will be glad to try and work with you. There is a lot of different fabrics out there from your favorite team sport(college or pro), to your favorite cartoon character or maybe even your favorite movie (Wizard of OZ, etc.) or maybe you are into NASCAR. I have a lot of cozy cover ups on hand but the car seat covers are usually made for your specific car seat. I have made replacement covers for infant carriers and toddlers car seats. I am working on a pattern for boosters seats. If I have enough interest I will upgrade my account so items can be purchased and paid for right from this website. But for right now please contact me via the contact us with what you are interested in and the item can be paid for by paypal or I do accept credit cards also. Shipping will $6.50 by usps. Since all of my Grandchildren are too old for infant seats I am using a cabbage patch doll but I do have a few pictures real infants. These are made for real infants
Leave the blanket behind and use a cozy cover up instead. I make these out cotton, fleece or flannel and line them with flannel or fleece which I sell for $25.  I can also make these with cotton or flannel, line them with flannel and put a layer of thinsulate, which is a very good type of batting, very light weight for $35. I use velcro to hold the flap shut and if you would like to see their darling face the flap can be held open with velcro at the top. Elastic goes all the way around the outside so they take only seconds to put on ar remove. It kind of is like a shower cap. no zippers are used so there is no chance of their delicat skin getting caught in it.
I make custom items for your little ones car seats. You might be having a boy this time and have a pattern on your car seat that is for a little girl or you might just want something more suited to you. I can make just about anything you want as long as I can find the fabric you are looking for. They can be made waterproof so if there is a an accident, just remove and there is still your old one underneath. I can make your infant cover so you don't even have to take the straps off to put the new one one. It is very easy to remove your old canopy and replace it with a new one. Prices range from $29 up to $69.
I have neck pillows for your child. these are great for vacations or even just short trips around town and it is nap time. We took one of our Grandchildren on vacation in 2011 and it came in very handy. I also have belly pads and shoulder straps. All of the above items can be made in fabric you prefer.